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Below are the Main products that our company specializes in

Gold Bars

All our operations are licenced for mining, Purchase and export for the countries of origin by the local legal and governmental authorities. We are Mining and purchasing Rough Gold in several localities in Western and Eastern Africa. Gold is purchased in several forms as sand, dust, nugget, bars and ingots. The purchases are always made upon full consignment, smelting and quality specification using fire Assay, Cupellation, specific gravity determination and Digital XRF Scanner. After the quality determination, we pay using our Bank Accounts in Local Commercial banks. Whenever the payment is made, Our Esquire shall release the funds held on Escrow Account to re-charge our operational Accounts to be able to continue in purchases from local miners, communities and small scale mining associations. 

Copper Cathodes

Under specified terms and conditions, we supply non-registered production from Zambian and DRC refineries for the LME. We can only fully serve a small segment of customers when selling cathodes door to door, as we are required by refineries to provide them with copper ore and funding for their manufacture. Anyone who believes we can accomplish it without receiving funds in advance from our customers is mistaken.

Rough Diamonds

We purchase rough diamonds from a number of sub-Saharan nations to further cut and polish for our customers in our factories and facilities. Our licensed companies carry out our deliveries in accordance with the terms and criteria of the Kimberly Protocol. Our gemologists are prepared to evaluate and classify the uncut stones in accordance with the norms. Stones are shipped to their final destinations after receiving the necessary export legalizations and royalties payments from Brinks, Malca Amit, or other designated and approved entities. Mostly Ramat Gan, Israel, and Antwerp, Belgium, are the final destinations.

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